why choose enduris?

…our process is designed for quality

Whether it’s a classic deck, a modern fence, or hefty railing, Enduris offers a two-layer process that is guaranteed to provide you with a stunning visual statement and long lasting durability you can rely on.

…manufactured in america

Enduris has been manufacturing and distributing professional quality PVC fence, deck, and railing products since 1998 right here in the USA.

…producing superior quality PVC products

Our PVC Deck, Fence, and Railing endure the elements of time and enhance landscapes across the country from homes, apartments, and businesses to grand estates.


We’re knowledgeable — We’ve been behind the scenes, helping to design better fencing, decking and railing, testing and installing our products. We have decades of experience in our industry providing contractors and homeowners with unwavering customer service.


Start ridding yourself of common backyard inconveniences, and start enjoying the privacy, convenience and comfort that you deserve. PVC fencing, decking and railing cleans easy, never molds or mildews, never splinters or warps and requires virtually no maintenance.

…and do your part to preserve the planet

PVC/vinyl is even environmentally safe and does not promote combustion! Reduce your footprint with rare, non-toxic materials and experience gorgeous long lasting results.